The Pack

Molly a.k.a Gator, Molly Brown, Pretty, Bitch, etc…


She conned me was rescued when I was working at the animal shelter in San Diego. Originally labeled as a Mastiff Mix, she is actually not (thank goodness since I knew I was keeping her). After two weeks of fostering her and dealing with her fiercely independent puppy antics I was wrapped around her little paw and she made my home permanent. Her perfect date would be outside by the some sort of water surrounded by birds to chase and tennis balls to squeak.


Dillon a.k.a Dill Pickle, Stage 5 Clinger, Big Dummy


Where to start with this guy…Well he came into our lives November 2012 after my friends unintentionally flooded my FB feed with his shelter pictures at BMORE Humane Society. Dillon knocks out that stupid belief that dogs can only bond with you as puppies. This guy loves hard and true. He is a velcro dog, the largest shadow available in the dog world (hence the Stage 5 Clinger nickname). He came into our lives, got the extremely feared bloat, (Oh yeah folks the full GDV) survived, and is able to stalk us still today. His perfect date would be a romp in the yard followed by extreme cuddling on the couch.


Riley a.k.a Fly Boy, Big Head,Little Shit, etc…


I accidentally adopted him. I went to a friend’s house (she is more like a champion and warrior for animals) to take photo’s of the surprise puppies her latest rescue had birthed. I met him, then went back 2 weeks later to bring him home.  Riley is full of love and energy as most Pit Bull types are, so I made sure I channeled that energy into a dog sport. So far he has all 1st place ribbons which turned into an Award of Excellence and RLP title in Rally. Next up is becoming a Therapy Dog. His perfect date would include tons of working, a good meal, and then a suffocating snuggle on the couch.


Gunner a.k.a Little Shit



It all started with an innocent walk into the MDSPCA to look around. I walked through the kitten ward and to my surprise I spotted the tiniest kitten aggravating all the others he lived with ( he seriously was launching from side to side). Of course I thought it would be a good idea to bring him home since the only cat that survives in my household is a bold one. Gunner now has the largest cat tree known to man and his very own man cave filled with boxes. He is also spotted in our pool during the summer months. His perfect date would be lounging by a window while you fed him all of your dinner.


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