Problem #1


Anyone else have this problem?

Dogs don’t care if you’re in the smallest room of the house; that could be the restroom or getting clothing out of the closet; they’re there and they’re proud.
All my dogs know the command, “back”. That’s the only way I’m freed from the tiny space.
Dillon is the worst at this. He’s like that foreign guy that invades your personal space bubble; his size helps him to get up close and very personal. What’s worse is he practically gets stuck with me thanks to his large dog genetics.

In my house the toilet is the throne and potty time is the pets’ time to air grievance with leadership. Gunner weaves through my legs, jumps on my lap and tells me there is simply not enough boxes. Molly states that a back rub is in need and throws herself to the ground. Riley needs to know what’s in the pot, and well Dillon, we already discussed him.

Close the door you say? Not in my house. If you half-heartedly close it then Dillon knocks that baby open. If it’s shut tight then all hell breaks loose on the outside; all furry subjects gather and pace outside waiting to seize the throne.

In all honesty I don’t really care that much. It’s entertaining as hell and makes for good conversation.

Don’t forget to flush. Animals don’t need a reason to further explore the toilet bowl.